Phase 2 bonus.  Malasian Chicken Soup Recipe  Wattbike progression.  

The lovely wattbike conditioning sessions are going to progress to 40 second work times. That extra 10 seconds is painful but necessary to keep your progress going in the right direction. Recovery does not increase (hahahahahaha).  
You can also look forward to 8 rounds on the resistance training sessions. By forcing your body to do more work in the same amount of time we increase density and thus metabolic stress. This stress is what keeps the body trying hard to adapt to the session for hours after you've completed the last rep. Research has shown as much as 36 hours of elevated base metabolic rate after each session finishes. Which is what helps with fat loss even when you're not in the gym.  

Phase 2 Nutrition: Time Restricted Eating  

Welcome to phase 2 Nutrition on the Rapid Fat loss Camp. If you have followed the fat adaptation protocol correctly you are now fat adapted! congratulations. You should be experiencing less hunger, more stable energy, more stable mood, clear thought and maybe even better sleep. 
You are now primed to add in the next step, creating a calorie deficit and extending the fasted period to enhance fat loss. Enter Time Restricted Eating (TRE). 
What is TRE? 
Time Restricted Eating (TRE) is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s restricting the amount of time in the day in which you eat and thereby extending the time in the day you fast. Everyone practices some form of intermittent fasting simply by sleeping. That is of course unless you get up in the night to eat. All we are doing here is extending that time frame from, say, 10 hours (9pm finish eating to 7 am breakfast) to 16 hours. This will involve essentially missing one meal per day. Most people tend to gravitate towards delaying breakfast and eating between, say, 12 noon and 8pm. But you can just as easily have breakfast and lunch but skip dinner, eating between 7am and 3pm. 
How will this benefit me? 
Time restricted eating has been shown to be beneficial for not just fat loss, but health and longevity also. Here is a simplified breakdown of the benefits TRE conveys that are relevant to you during this camp. 
In order to lose fat rapidly you must create a calorie deficit in your fat cells. T.R.E. has been show to reduce the total calorie consumption over the course of a day, week, month and even a year while still being able to maintain ad libitum eating patterns. Meaning you can create the necessary calorie deficit without counting calories and weighing food. 
T.R.E. has been shown to help humans lose body fat and even maintain higher lean mass (muscle) in both conditions of ad libitum eating and with isocalorically matched diets. Meaning that you lose fat if you eat instinctively or if you control calories and macros. Which is good. 
T.R.E. has been shown to enhance longevity in mice and about 15 other organisms (fruit flies to worms and more). Human studies have not been done because they take a very long time and are very costly, but T.R.E. has been shown to reduce various markers for degenerative diseases that are common killers in the west today. 
TRE provides you with a longer period of time with no exogenous (from outside the body) energy sources, Meaning the body must use erogenous (from inside the body) energy i.e. fat. 
TRE has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity. Two very significant factors contributing to fat loss and gain. 
The nuts and bolts: How to do T.R.E.: 
I love simplicity, so, ready for this: simply restrict your eating window to 8-9 hours every day. I don’t care which hours you choose. 
That's it. Eat the same diet you have been on, nothing changes there. During the eating window, eat when hungry until you are satisfied, nothing changes there. During the eating window, salt your foods with rock or sea salt, nothing changes there. 
During the fasting window, Black coffee or tea, green tea, water and herbal teas are allowed. No calories. No milk or cream in tea and coffee, no nuts, no food. Simples. 
Hunger pangs will last 2-3 minutes. Within a week you will have adapted and probably only need 2 meals per day. 
Keep your water up during the fast. 
Any Questions please do not hesitate to ask myself or Jonny. : ) 

DAY 3: Resourses Melting Middle Chocolate Pudding  Article On Disenchantment  

Explaining the Wattbike protocol.  
In order to help you guys to get fully fat adapted as fast as possible, we're using a glycogen depetion protocol on the wattbike. In English that essentially means that we're destroying all the carb stores in your muscles by maiing you work for 30 seconds, flat out, as hard as you can. Doing this forces the body to burn through muscle glycogen and leads to faster depletion of the body's carb stores. In turn this forces the bnody to switch to fat for fuel.  
Many of you will likely be feeling a little drained right nowm after 3 days of very low carb intake. Remember to eat more fats in irder to kill carb cravings, and stay the course! you'll start to feel much better in a matter of days!  
If you have any questions or need a little guidence with anything, use this space to comment and I'll provide as many answers as i can.