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6 Week Training Methods Masterclass 

Learn the essential elements of successfull training The most effective ways to perform each rep for maximal impact The most effective types of set for best results Detailed, expert tuition in over 50 of the most effective exercises Complete guidence, as well as detailed training guides for 5 highly effective straining systems A structured, progressive 20 week program at the end of the course Access to our private training resource of over 130 exercise tutorials for a year Training resource also includes detailed video lessons on all of the training systems you learn on the course 12 Training lessons with th coaching team at EP Barker Gate  6 Coached training sessions at your convenience with the coaching team.  

£250 per person. Maximum 6 places per Course.  ENROLL NOW.  

About the course  

This course is designed to educate participants in the most critical principles for effective strength training. Empowering those who attend to get the absolute most from the limited time they spend in the gym. The course is intended to help those who currently train, but want to learn the most powerful and effective methods for maximising the return on investment of the time they spend training. Those who want to train, but do not currently due to being intimidated normal gyms, confusion about what to do, or fear of injuring themsleves with poor technique will also benefit hugely.  
Be More Effective. Don't waste time. 
We all have limited time to invest in training. With only two to four hours per week at your disposal, you cannot afford to waste time on ineffective methods. By learning a small but highly effective repetoire of trainig techniques, you can extract substancially more from eery hour you spend in the gym, leading to a huge difference in progress for months, if not years after the course ends.  
Be Safer. Don't Get Injured. 
Getting injured is no fun at all. It's the single biggest wrecking ball for your training progress and it's all too comon a problem in the commercial gym. If you're investing time in improving you health and physique, the very last thing you want to do is actively incorporate poor exercises or technique that will lead to niggles and injury. By attending this course you will recieve expert tuition in the finer points of the very best techniques.  
Reap Bigger Rewards, Have Confidence.  
Training is hard. At least if you're doing it correctly. I'm sure you would agree that if you're going to put in some hard graft you'd like to reap the benefits. Not being sure if what you're doing is having the desired effect is awful for motivation and detrimental to long term adherence and thus results. By attending this course you can take the guesswork out from your training. By learning proven, time tested methods that produce predictable and reliable results.  
Long Lasting Rewards.  
Knowledge is one of the most powerful gifts we can give you. The knowledge you will receive as a participant of this trainig course will serve you well long after the course is finished. This is not a passive experience. We will endeavour to impart the highest level of knowledge possible during the course, and follow that up with access to the EP academy. The EP academy will be your hub for not only the knowledge you gain on the course itself, but significant amounts of supporting and enriching materials. Over the next year, we aim to develop the academy into one of the webs richest training and health resources.  


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