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OFF - SEASON 2022  

The off season is the time of year that an athlete can really make gains in athletic performance. At EP we have a long and proud history of helping athletes become more devastating and more resilient while their competition rests.  
When you don't have to worry about being tired, sore or fatigued for games or competitions, you can really focus on doing the smart, hard work necessary to transcend the next level of your athletic performance and career. 
Many athletes see this as a time for rest, partying and allowing a lower standard of physique and effort. If that's you, this is the wrong place for you, you may stop reading here and find another site.  
If on the other hand, you believe like we do, that the off season is a time to catch the competition sleeping, gain ground and make huge strides in performance... welcome home.  

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Strength & Conditioning Nottingham

We Aproach Off Season Training With Great Seriousness 

We know that you may have 8, 12 or maybe even 16 weeks in which to focus purely on your development as an athlete.  
In that time we know we can produce almost unbelievable gains in athleticism and injury resilience.  

Pro Athlete Development  

If you're a professional athlete, we can help you ascend to the next level of performance. We are interested in working with athletes who aspire to be truly elite, and thirst for world class performance. Its all about the pursuit, and our demands are based on the reality of that.  
You will train twice a day. You will pursue your absolute best. You will strive to accept nothing less, every day. Together we will explore your limits and redefine what you think is possible.  

Pro Package  

Athlete Profile 
Custom Program 
Private Coaching W/ Coaching Team (<8 per week) 
Strength Training 
Corrective Exercise / Movement Training 
Nutritional Protocol 
Custom Supplement Protocol 
£120 per week 

Aspiring Athlete Development  

Aspiring athletes must train around work, study and family commitments. This requires a smart and efficient aproach to training. Focusing on getting the greatest possible return on investment of time training, we are able to achieve exceptional results on the minimum necessary input.  
You will commit to training 4 times per week at least. You will commit to holding yourself to a professional standard while training, emulating the behaviours and values of the elite you aspire to be amongst.  

Developing Athlete Package 

Athlete Profile 
Custom Program 
Private Coaching W/ Coaching Team (4 per week) 
Strength Training 
Nutritional Protocol  
Custom Supplement Protocol 
£70 per week 

Elite Athletes.   Those who are already professional and are taking aim at truly elite feats such as world championships or olympic appearances need a completely athlete centred and bespoke aproach.  EP can help with the performance development of athletes to such world class levels. Each case will be assessed and costed on a case by case basis.   If this is you and you are ready to take your athletic development to new heights, fill out an enquiry form to speak to our director of performance about your project.  No fee, no commitment.  

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David Clarke, Nottingham Panthers and GB Ice Hockey Ollie Betteridge, Nottingham Panthers and GB Ice Hockey Steve Lee, Guildford Flames and GB Ice Hockey  Josh Tetlow, Nottingham Panthers  Jordan Kelsall, Nottingham Panthers and Dundee Stars Gui Lepine, Nottingham Panthers Joe Hazeldine, Nottingham Panthers and GB Ice Hockey u20s Cade Neilson, GB Ice Hockey u20s Morgan Clarke, GB Ice Hockey u20s, Nottingham Panthers  Logan Neilson, GB Ice Hockey u18s Jack Hopkins, GB Ice Hockey u18s, Nottingham Panthers  Nottingham Panthers team S&C providers, 2017-2019 Victor Estima, GB BJJ blackbelt, world championship medalist 2015.  Tom Bracher, BJJ, European champion, world championship medalist  Vanessa English, BJJ blackbelt, European champion 2018 Simon Ling, BJJ blackbelt  Jake Barron, Rugby Union Nick Dunn, 2013 AG world champion, triathlon Ekow Essuman, English Lightweight Champion Derrick Ozaze, Ultimate Boxxer winner Kieran Wright, Derby Trailblazers, Basketball Delaney Powell, Nottingham Hoods, Basketball Mehrdad Lotfian, BG Karlsruhe, Basketball 

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