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Mobility For Performance

Mobility is critical for performance, but stretching in the wrong way is counterproductive and can lead to INCREASED rates of injuries.
Most stretching is a complete waste of time.
Strethcing in the wrong way is actually counterproductive and can lead to INCREASED rates of injuries and DECREASED performance.
In ths webinar, learn how to do mobility training properly, in an incredibly effective way. When done well, mobility training can reduce innjury risk, increase performance and even increase hypertrophy. But traditional stretching is not only a waste of time, but is ineffective and maybe even dangerous. Using the right type of strethcing at the right time and developing an effective mobility routine can be a game changer for athletic performance and resilience.
Most people should be able to acheive profound increases in flebility and mobility in just 30 days.
We will cover 5 different types of mobiity training, their appropriate use and contraindications. You will learn the best methods for recovery, improving range of movement, and improving hypertrophy.

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